2.2 Running the EAS Install Program

  1. Launch the installer for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0:


    When the installer launches, you are prompted for the language:

  2. Choose the language for your installation and click OK.

    The installer displays the License Agreement screen:

  3. Confirm the license agreement and click Next.

    The installer displays the Introduction screen:

  4. Click Next.

    The installer displays the Installation Directory screen:

  5. Choose Default to install the EAS packages in the default directory location, then click Next.

    The installer displays the Utilities Administrator Password screen:

  6. Type the administrator’s password and click Next.

    The installer displays the EAS Administrator Password screen:

  7. Type the EAS Administrator’s password and click Next.

    The installer displays the PostgreSQL Port screen:

  8. Type the port number for PostgreSQL to run on and click Next.

    The installer displays the Pre-Installation Summary screen:

  9. Click Install to begin copying files. If you need to change any of your installation settings, click Previous.

    The installer displays the Enable Port Forwarding screen:

  10. Select Enable Port Forwarding if you plan to use the Syslog UDP connector, then click Next.

    The installer displays the Install Complete screen:

  11. Click Done to finish the installation process.

2.2.1 Running the Installer in Silent Mode

You can run the EAS installer in silent mode. Before running the installer, you need to edit the properties file for the installer. Once you’ve edited the properties file, launch it with this command:

./EASInstall.bin -i silent -f <path to the properties file> 

For example:

./EASInstall.bin -i silent -f /root/Software/eas_configure.properties 

2.2.2 Setting Passwords in the Environment for a Silent Install

If you do not want to specify the passwords in the properties file, you can set the passwords in the environment instead. In this case, the silent installer will read the passwords from the environment, rather than from the properties file. This can provide some additional security.

The following passwords need to be set for the EAS installer:



To set a password on Linux, use the export command, as shown in the following example:

export ADMIN_PWD=myPassWord

2.2.3 Upgrading from Novell Audit

If you are upgrading from Novell Audit, you need to be sure that the logevent.conf file points to EAS and uses the correct ports. This is necessary to make sure that events are routed to EAS rather than to the Novell Auditing server.