Destination Attribute

Expands to the specified attribute value an object.



Name of the attribute.

Class Name

(Optional) Specify the class name of the target object. Leave the field blank to use the class name from the current object.

Select Object

Select Current Object, DN, or Association.


If the token is used in a context where a node set is expected, the token expands to a node set containing all of the values for that attribute. If it is used in a context where a string is expected, the token expands to the string value found.


The example is from the Govern Groups for User Based on Title policy, which is available for download from the Novell Support Web site. For more information, see Downloading Identity Manager Policies in Understanding Policies for Identity Manager 4.0.2. To view the policy in XML, see 003-Command-AddCreateGroups.xml.

The policy creates the Destination Attribute with the Argument Builder. The action of Set Local Variable contains the Destination Attribute token.

Policy to test for the existence of groups and for placement
Destination attribute

You build the Destination Attribute through the Editor. In this example, the attribute of Object Class is set. DN is used to select the object. The value of DN is the Local Variable of manager-group-dn.