Set Local Variable

Sets a local variable.


Variable Name

Specify the name of the new local variable.

Variable Scope

Select the scope of the local variable. This can be set to the driver or to the policy.

Variable Type

Select the type of local variable. This can be a string, an XPath 1.0 node set, or a Java object.


The example adds a User object to the appropriate group, Employee or Manager, based on Title. It also creates the group, if needed, and sets up security equal to that group. The policy name is Govern Groups for User Based on Title, and it is available for download from the Novell Support Web site. For more information, see Downloading Identity Manager Policies in Understanding Policies for Identity Manager 4.0.2. To view the policy in XML, see 003-AddCreateGroups.xml.

Policy to test for the existence of groups and for placement
Set local variable

The local variable is set to the value that is in the User object’s destination attribute of Object Class plus the Local Variable of manager-group-info. The Argument Builder is used to construct the local variable. See Argument Builder for more information.