Clone Operation Attribute

Copies all occurrences of an attribute within the current operation to a different attribute within the current operation.


Source Name

Specify the name of the attribute to be copied from.

Destination Name

Specify the name of the attribute to be copied to.


The example adds a User object to the appropriate group, Employee or Manager, based on Title. It also creates the group, if needed, and sets up security equal to that group. The policy is Govern Groups for User Based on Title Attribute, and it is available for download from the Novell Support Web site. For more information, see Downloading Identity Manager Policies in Understanding Policies for Identity Manager 4.0.2. To see the policy in XML, see 003-Command-AddCreateGroups.xml.

Policy to add to manager group if Title indicates manager
Clone operation attribute

The Clone Operation Attribute is taking the information from the Group Membership attribute and adding that to the Security Equals attribute so the values are the same.