A.13 Log Schema Files

Log Schema (LSC) files catalog the events that can be logged for a given application. They also provide event descriptions and field titles, although this is optional. For information on creating Log Schema files, see the Novell Audit SDK.

A.13.1 How LSC Files Are Used

The information stored in the log schema files—specifically Event IDs, Group IDs, Text and Numeric field values—is useful in defining query statements, Notification Filters, and Heartbeat Notifications. For example, if you want to receive a notification when Remote Loader stops, you must first look up the Event ID for the Remote Loader Stop event in the dirxml log schema. You can then configure a Notification Filter that selects events with an Event ID of 00030BB9.

For more information on Log Schema files, refer to Log Schema Files in the Novell Audit 2.0 Administration Guide.