5.5 Identity Reporting

The Identity Reporting Module generates reports that show critical business information about various aspects of your Identity Manager configuration, including information collected from Identity Vaults and managed systems such as Active Directory or SAP. The reporting module provides a set of predefined report definitions you can use to generate reports. In addition, it gives you the option to import custom reports defined in a third-party tool. The user interface for the reporting module makes it easy to schedule reports to run at off-peak times to optimize performance.

Figure 5-6 Identity Reporting Module

The reporting module provides several open integration points. For example, if you want to collect data about third-party applications that are not connected to Identity Manager, you can implement a custom REST endpoint to collect data from these applications. In addition, you can customize the data that is pushed to the Identity Vault. After this data is available, you can write custom reports to see this information.