A.0 Tokens and Replacement Tags

Tokens, or replacement tags, are variables that can be used in the message body or subject line of e-mail notification templates.

Each predefined template includes default tokens. For example, the Forgot Password e-mail template (used to send a password to a user) includes the default token named $CurrentPassword$. When the e-mail is sent, the $CurrentPassword$ token is replaced with the user’s current password.

For a token to work in an e-mail template, it must be defined in the application or the policy that initiates the e-mail notification. This enables the application or policy to provide the correct token information to the e-mail template.

Tokens Defined in Applications

The Workflow engine and Jobs engine provide the provisioning workflow and jobs functionality. To add tokens to the predefined e-mail templates used with these applications requires the tokens to be defined in the applications. This is true of any application that you create for use with Identity Manager.

Tokens Defined in Policies

More than likely, you’ll add driver policies with rules that initiate e-mail notifications, rather than creating or modifying applications that initiate e-mails. For example, if you use the Active Directory driver to create Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in Active Directory, you might include an action in the Active Directory driver policy that sends an e-mail to the user when his or her mailbox has been created.

When you create policies that initiate e-mail notifications, the tokens used in the notification templates must be defined in the policy rules.

For example, the tokens used with the predefined password synchronization e-mail templates are defined in the password synchronization policies used by the drivers. To add tokens to the password synchronization templates requires that the new tokens be defined in the policies.

You can use the password synchronization policies as an example of how to define tokens that you want to use in an e-mail template. See Configuring E-Mail Notification in the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Password Management Guide.