1.1 System E-Mail Notifications

Identity Manager includes functionality, such as password management, jobs, and workflow provisioning, that can utilize e-mail messages to notify administrators or users of actions or results that have taken place. For example, e-mail messages can be sent to:

In order to customize these e-mail messages to provide information specific to the action that has taken place, Identity Manager uses a set of predefined e-mail notification templates. For example, there is an e-mail template for when a user forgets his or her password, and another template for when a manager needs to approve a user’s request for access to a resource.

In most cases, the system functionality (password management, jobs, and so forth) must be configured to use e-mail notifications, and the text in the e-mail templates must be modified to fit your environment and need. Instructions are provided in Section 3.0, Editing Predefined Templates.