2.1 Enabling the Telemetry Job

The Telemetry job is automatically added to the driver set when the engine is started. The job is disabled by default. To enable the job:

  1. Open the Overview page for the driver set, then click the Register with Novell Customer Center link.

    A registration window is displayed.

  2. Specify your e-mail address and customer ID (optional) in the registration window.

  3. If you want to send your Identity Manager information to Novell, select By checking this box, you agree to send product information to Novell, then click Close to close the registration window.

    The Register with Novell Customer Centre link is displayed in the driver set Overview page only if the Telemetry job is added to your driver set.

NOTE:By default, the Telemetry job object is security equivalent to the driver set admin. If the user container admin of any driver in the driver set is different than the driver set admin, you need to make the Telemetry job object security equivalent of that user container admin.