3.0 Configuring the Properties of Predefined Jobs

The following sections provide instructions for using iManager to configure the properties for five of the predefined jobs: Random Password Generator, Schedule Driver, Subscriber Channel Trigger, Driver Health, and Password Expiration Notification. For each job, you can schedule the runtimes, define the scope of objects that the job applies to, set the job-specific parameters, and determine the methods used for results notification. For information about using Designer to configure a job, see Scheduling Jobs in the Designer 4.0.2 for Identity Manager 4.0.2 Administration Guide.

The Telemetry job is automatically configured on your driver set. However, you can reconfigure the job properties according to your requirements. For more information, see Section 3.1, Reconfiguring the Telemetry Job.

The steps assume that the job is already added to a driver or driver set. For more information on adding predefined jobs, see Section 2.0, Adding a Predefined Job.