1.1 Integrated vs. Standalone Installer

Table 1-1 Comparison of the Integrated and the Standalone Installer




Tree structure

The tree structure is predefined to suit most of the Identity Manager deployments. See the Section 1.2, Identity Vault Structure for more information on the tree structure.

The tree structure is customizable.

Custom Installation of Drivers

All the drivers are installed by default.

Custom installation of drivers is supported.

Driver Set

Created as a separate partition during the Metadirectory server configuration.

Not created. Can be created manually by using iManager.

Nonroot Installation

Not supported.

Nonroot installation of some components is supported.

iManager Plug-In Installation

Automatically installed.

Manually installed.


Automatically handles dependencies.

Dependencies are manually handled.

Duration of Installation

Automates several manual steps to quickly set up the system.

Usually takes more time.

User Input Options

The user interface has fewer options, so it requires less user input. Several options assume default values.

The user interface has several options, so you need to have a good understanding of all the components.

Supported Platform Checks

Internally checks the platform differences.

Does not perform a platform check.

Handling Inconsistencies

Has a consistent user experience across components and platforms.

Might experience inconsistencies.

Installation and Configuration Phases

Separate installation and configuration phases.

Differs across various components.

If you are creating an Identity Manager solution where you need to install one or more of the Identity Manager components separately or need a good number of customized options, use the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Framework Installation Guide to help you with the installation. For installation instructions, see the Installation section in the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Framework Installation Guide.

You use the integrated installer primarily for new installations of Identity Manager 4.0.1. For information on upgrading an existing installation, see Section 6.0, Upgrading Identity Manager.

Currently, integrated installer supports two types of installation modes: GUI installation and silent installation. Console mode is not supported.