4.0 Installing Identity Manager

You can install and configure all components at the same time or in different runs by using the integrated installer. If you want to install each component separately, use the individual installers to install the Identity Manager components in the order specified in the Installing Identity Manager section in the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Framework Installation Guide. For an explanation of the different components, see the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Overview Guide.

For a list of the different components that the Identity Manager integrated installer installs, see Section 1.0, Integrated Installer Overview. For detailed information on each component, see the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Overview Guide.

The following sections do not provide step-by-step installation instructions because the installation interface is mostly self-explanatory. They do, however, provide information about important steps in the process that you might need help with.

For information about upgrading an existing Identity Manager installation, see Section 6.0, Upgrading Identity Manager.