5.3 Viewing Product Activations for Identity Manager and for Drivers

For each of your driver sets, you can view the Product Activation Credentials you have installed for the Metadirectory engine and Identity Manager drivers:

  1. Open iManager.

  2. Click Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview.

  3. Click Browse icon to browse for and select a driver set in the tree structure, then click Browse icon to perform the search.

  4. On the Identity Manager Overview page, click the driver set you want to view the activation information for.

  5. On the Driver Set Overview page, click Activation > Information.

    You can view the text of the activation credential or, if an error is reported, you can remove an activation credential.

NOTE:After installing a valid Product Activation Credential for a driver set, you might still see “Activation Required” next to the driver name. If this is the case, restart the driver and the message should then disappear.