5.2 Installing a Product Activation Credential

You must install the Product Activation Credential via iManager.

  1. After you purchase a license, Novell sends you an e-mail with your Customer ID. The e-mail contains a link under the Order Detail section to the site where you can obtain your credential. Click the link to go to the site.

  2. Click the license download link and do one of the following:

    • Save the Product Activation Credential file to a convenient location.


    • Open the Product Activation Credential file, then copy the contents of the Product Activation Credential to your clipboard.

      Carefully copy the contents, and make sure that no extra lines or spaces are included. You should begin copying from the first dash (-) of the credential (----BEGIN PRODUCT ACTIVATION CREDENTIAL) through the last dash (-) of the credential (END PRODUCT ACTIVATION CREDENTIAL-----).

      WARNING:If Standard Edition activation is applied to an existing non-activated Advanced Edition system, it stops the Identity Manager Metadirectory server and drivers.

  3. Open iManager.

  4. Select Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview.

  5. Click Browse icon to browse for and select a driver set in the tree structure.

  6. On the Identity Manager Overview page, click the driver set that contains the driver to activate.

  7. On the Driver Set Overview page, click Activation > Installation.

  8. Select the driver set where you want to activate an Identity Manager component, then click Next.

  9. Do one of the following:

    • Specify where you saved the Identity Manager Activation Credential, then click Next.


    • Paste the contents of the Identity Manager Activation Credential into the text area, then click Next.

  10. Click Finish.

NOTE:You need to activate each driver set that has a driver. You can activate any tree with the credential.