1.4 Entitlements Formats

The entitlements format has changed for Identity Manager 4.0 and later. Pre-Identity Manager 4.0 the entitlement format is single valued. For Identity Manager 4.0 and later, the entitlement value is multivalued.

The following information explains when each type of entitlement format is supported:

Pre-Identity Manager 4.0 Environment: There are two different formats in the pre-Identity Manager 4.0 environments:

Identity Manager 4.0 and later Environment: There are two different options that support the formats in Identity Manager 4.0 and later:

Mixed Pre-Identity Manager 4.0 and Identity Manager 4.0 and later Environments: If you have a mixed environment while you are doing migrations, the legacy format is the only supported entitlement format. All entitlements which are granted through RBE or pre-Identity Manager 4.0 agents, must be set to legacy. Some reports are not available when using the legacy format. Reports joining and the granted entitlements against the actual state in the managed system do not work using the legacy format.