20.3 Importing a Project from a Version Control Server

Designer’s Import dialog box lists projects and enables you to select projects that you want to import. There are a number of ways to access the Import dialog box in order to import projects from a version control server, and this example covers one of those methods.

Figure 20-1 The Import Wizard

  1. In the toolbar, select File > Import.


    If no projects are available, select Import from version control from the Project view.

  2. Click Project (From Version Control) > Next.

  3. Type a URL in the Version Control Server URL or file path field, then press Enter. For example:



  4. (Optional) You can also type a file path to the version control repository, or select the Browse icon to browse to the directory where the repository resides.

  5. Provide authentication to the Subversion server if required.

    Depending on the type of security you have set up, you might need to supply SSH authentication, SSL client certificate authentication, or basic HTTP authentication.

    Authenticate to the version control server
  6. The projects appear under the Projects: heading in a tree structure. Select a project file under the directory. Use the Refresh icon to see current changes to the repository.

    Select a project or projects to import
  7. Click Finish. On the Version Control page that shows you the version control server status, click OK.

    The projects are imported into Designer and are added to the Project view and the Version Control view.