16.1 Preparing to Deploy

Before deploying a project, run Project Checker and fix any errors that appear.

  1. Click Window > Show View > Project Checker, then click the Run the Project Checker icon.

After you have corrected any problems to the project, make a backup copy of the project before deploying.

Before you deploy objects into an Identity Vault, you need to designate the Deployment DN (distinguished name), or the place in the tree where you plan on deploying the Identity Manager project or objects.

  1. In Designer, select the Identity Vault that contains the object or objects you want to deploy, then look in the Properties view below the Project/Outline view. (You can also open the Identity Vault’s or driver’s Properties window.)

    The Properties view
  2. In the Properties view, fill in the Identity Vault’s name, host address, user DN, password, and Deployment DN information if it is not already present.

  3. Click the Browse icon to find the Deploy Context distinguished name on an existing tree if the other information is accurate and Designer can attach to the tree. You need this information to deploy anything, even a policy.

You can also use the driver set’s Deploy Context entry if you want to deploy a driver set to a different context than the one designated in the Identity Vault’s Properties view. The driver set’s Deploy Context entry overrules the Identity Vault’s Deploy Context entry.

IMPORTANT:You must have enough rights to access the eDirectory tree that is associated with the Identity Vault to which you want to deploy.