9.6 Generating HTML Reports

Designer allows you to generate HTML reports about your project.

  1. Click the Save Current View to HTML icon or the Save All Views to HTML icon.

    Save icons

    Save Current View to HTML generates a report for the current view. Save All Views to HTML generates nine reports.

    HTML reports

    The HTML files are automatically named. The descriptive names tell what the report is. All images that you need to support the HTML document are copied to an icons subdirectory where the HTML is saved. The process includes all of your custom application icons.

    You are prompted to save the project to disk.

    The Save View to HTML dialog box

    Saving is necessary to make sure that all of your icon information is in a state where it can be successfully copied.

  2. Click Yes to save the project.

  3. Browse to and select the location where you want to save the reports, then click OK.

    The directory you select for saving is stored in Designer’s memory and becomes the default directory the next time you save.

  4. Click OK in the Information dialog box that indicates where the report is saved.

If you pin an Identity Vault and then generate a report, the report is for that Identity Vault. The Identity Vault’s name is included in the HTML name.

Figure 9-29 A Pinned Identity Vault

If the Dataflow editor has multiple applications, Designer provides a scroll bar to scroll through all the applications within the Dataflow editor.

Figure 9-30 Continuation Rows in a Report