22.9 Users Cannot Import and Check In Multiple Instances of the Same Package Under Version Control

In an environment where you use Designer with Subversion for version control, if a user creates a new driver, imports the required driver packages into the Designer project, and checks the driver and driver packages into Subversion, and then another user tries to create a new driver that imports a package already installed with the first driver, Designer returns the following error:

Unable to check in package 'PackageName' (Version). A package with that version is already under version control.

A single user should install and check in a particular package or set of packages. After the first user installs and checks in a package, other users can then use that package and check in their changes.

If you encounter the error message above, you must revert the Package Catalog in Subversion and then manually re-import the new packages to resolve the issue.

For more information about best practices for managing packages with Subversion, see Managing Packages Best Practices.