1.0 Overview and Installation

Novell Analyzer for Identity Manager is an Eclipse-based identity management toolset that helps you ensure that internal data quality policies are adhered to by providing data analysis, data cleansing, data reconciliation, and data monitoring/reporting. Analyzer lets you analyze, enhance, and control all data stores throughout the enterprise.

Before implementing an Identity Management solution, designers spend a significant amount of time analyzing and cleaning identity data, and modeling business rules to create identity data replication and synchronization policies that guarantee the data remains in a reliable state. Additionally, when an Identity solution is put into place, customers must verify and reconcile that these processes are performing as intended to maintain consistent and reliable data. The goal of Analyzer is to create a set of tools to resolve data quality issues and improve the Identity Manager deployment process.

Industry analysts note that Identity Management projects spend three to eight times more on design and implementation than they do on the software. Analyzer directly attacks these project-related costs by providing a powerful environment for cleaning and preparing identity data in order to streamline identity infrastructure implementations.

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