6.1 Viewing Statistics for an Individual Driver

  1. In iManager, click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview to display the Identity Manager Overview page.

    You use the Identity Manager Overview page to locate the driver set in which the driver resides.

  3. In the Search in field, specify the fully distinguished name of the container where you want to start searching for the driver set, then click . Or click to browse for and select the container in the tree structure.

    iManager keeps a record of the objects you have previously selected, so you can also use the to select the container from a list of previously selected objects. Or, you can search from the root of the tree by simply clicking .

  4. After the search completes and displays the driver sets, click the driver set in which the driver resides to display the Driver Set Overview page.

  5. Locate the driver whose statistics you want to check, click the driver’s Status icon (the green or red circle on the driver icon), then click Statistics.

    Server: The name of the server running the driver.

    Cache Filename: The name of the cache file.

    Cache File Size: The total size of the cache file.

    Unprocessed: The amount of cache file space being used for unprocessed transactions.

    Oldest Transaction: The date and time of the oldest transaction in the cache.

    Newest Transaction: The date and time of the newest transaction in the cache.

    Unprocessed Transactions Total: The total number of unprocessed transactions in the cache. Individual transaction types (add, remove, modify, and so forth), with the number of unprocessed transactions for each type, are listed below the total.