4.1 Job Components

The following diagram identifies the principle components required to process a job:

Figure 4-1 High-level view of Job Scheduler process

Job Manager: The Job Manager is responsible for launching scheduled jobs. It runs in the background on each Identity Manager server and checks every minute to see if a job is scheduled to run. When it encounters a scheduled job, it runs the appropriate Job Implementation.

Job Object: The Job object contains all the information necessary to invoke the job. It includes the name, description, schedule, server list, and XML job definition. The Job object is created in the Identity Vault when you use Identity Manager or Designer to add the job to a driver set or driver.

Job Definition: The Job Definition is an XML description of all the parameters necessary to perform a specific job, including the Job Implementation used to actually run the job. The Job Definition is an XML attribute associated with the Job object.

Job Implementation: The Job Implementation file is typically a JAR file that contains the Java classes that perform the job. Each Identity Manager server where you want a job to run must have a copy of the Job Implementation file. The Job Manager runs the Job Implementation at the times scheduled in the Job Definition.