11.0 Reassociating a Driver Set Object with a Server

A driver set object is associated with a server. If the association becomes invalid for some reason, it is indicated by one of the following:

To resolve this issue, you must disassociate the driver set object and the server, and then reassociate them:

  1. In iManager, click to display the Identity Manager Administration page.

  2. In the Administration list, click Identity Manager Overview.

  3. In the Search in field, specify the fully distinguished name of the container where you want to start searching and then click , or click to browse for and select the container in the tree structure.

  4. Click the driver set object that you want to reassociate with a server.

  5. In the Overview tab, click Servers.

  6. Click Remove server.

  7. Click Add server.

Be aware that when you reassociate a driver set object with a server, all drivers are disabled, and all passwords are cleared.