The <do-set-sso-credential> action sets a credential on the object specified by <arg-dn> in the Single Sign On credential store specified by store-def-dn for the application specified by app-id. The credential information is specified by additional named <arg-string>'s. The number of the strings and the names used are dependent on the credential store and application for which the credential is targeted.

There will be one of these two local variables available to the enclosing policy depending on the success or failure of this request.


<do-set-sso-credential app-id="AD7" store-def-dn="../Library/SSO1">
    <token-parse-dn dest-dn-format="ldap" length="-1" src-dn-format="src-dn" start="0">
  <arg-string name="username">
  <arg-string name="password">
    <token-local-variable name="generatedPassword"/>

1. Allowed Content

DN argument
string argument

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
app-def-dn CDATA
DN of the application credential definition object
only used by the UI so the various UI's should agree on the DN format used
app-id CDATA
application ID for the credential
supports variable expansion
disabled true   |  false
true if this element is disabled
notrace true   |  false
store-def-dn CDATA
slash form DN of the credential store definition object
may be relative to the including policy
supports variable expansion

3. Content Rule

( arg-dn , arg-string * )

4. Parent Elements

  actions that are performed by a <rule>
  actions argument

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