The <do-send-email-from-template> action causes an email notification to be generated using a SMTP notification configuration object, email template object and replacement tokens. The target SMTP server along with credentials for authentication (except for the password, which when needed is specified by <arg-password>) and the originating address are read from the SMTP notification configuration object. Specifying a from address overrides the originator's address specified in the mail server configuration. The subject and email message are created using the template object and template replacement tokens. Replacement tokens are declared within a <arg-string> element and tag name attribute. The value of <arg-string>'s tag attribute is interpretted as html, if it is enclosed within <use-html>...</use-html> tags. Reserved replacement tokens specify the various recipient addresses.

Reserved Token Description


Specifies the sender address.


Adds the address to the list of email recipients.
Multiple instances are allowed.
May contain a comma separated list of recipients.


Adds the address to the list of CC email recipients.
Multiple instances are allowed.
May contain a comma separated list of recipients.


Adds the address to the list of BCC email recipients.
Multiple instances are allowed.
May contain a comma separated list of recipients.


Specifies the address to be used as the email message reply address.


Specifies the character encoding to use for the email message.


Specifies a custom SMTP header to add to the email message.


Specifies the attachments for the email message.
The files/attachments should be placed in mt_files directory.
Linux: /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/rules/manualtask/mt_files
Windows: C:\NetIQ\IDM\eDirectory\mt_files

If any type of error occurs as part of sending the email, the error string will be available to the enclosing policy in the local variable named Otherwise that local variable will be unavailable.


<do-send-email-from-template notification-dn="/cn=security/cn=DefaultNotification Collection" template-dn="/cn=security/cn=DefaultNotification Collection/cn=PS-Sync Fail">
    <token-named-password name="email-server"/>
  <arg-string name="manager">
    <token-text>Bill Jones</token-text>
  <arg-string name="surname">
  <arg-string name="given-name">
  <arg-string name="from">
  <arg-string name="to">
  <arg-string name="cc">
  <arg-string name="attachment">
    <token-text>attachment1, attachment2</token-text>
  <arg-string name="custom-smtp-header">
    <token-text>X-Priority: 1(Highest)</token-text>
  <arg-string name="FailureReason">
    <token-text><use-html><p>sample reason 1</p><p>sample reason 2</p></use-html></token-text>

1. Allowed Content

password argument
string argument

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s)Default Value
disabled true   |  false
true if this element is disabled
notification-dn CDATA
slash form DN of SMTP notification configuration object
supports variable expansion
notrace true   |  false
password CDATA
password for user on SMTP server
deprecated - use <arg-password> with <token-named-password> instead
template-dn CDATA
slash form DN of email template object
supports variable expansion

3. Content Rule

( arg-password ? , arg-string * )

4. Parent Elements

  actions that are performed by a <rule>
  actions argument

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