IV Deploying Identity Manager Containers

Identity Manager provides the flexibility of deploying Identity Manager Components through a containerized mechanism. Identity Manager uses Docker for managing containers. The Identity Manager components, that support containerization, are delivered as Docker images. The Docker images are self-sufficient to run on their own.

Due to the radical change in deployment, this first release of Containers in Identity Manager 4.8 has been provided as preview-only support for non-production environments. If you want to move to a containerized production supported environment, Micro Focus will support this with a professional services engagement.

The Docker images are available for the following Identity Manager components:

  • Identity Manager Engine

  • Remote Loader

  • iManager

  • One SSO Provider (OSP)

  • Fanout Agent

  • ActiveMQ

  • PostgreSQL (Redistribution)

  • Identity Applications

  • Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

  • Form Renderer

  • Identity Reporting

NOTE:The Identity Configuration Generator image is used for generating the silent properties file.

All the functionalities and operations that can be achieved through the enterprise mode of installation are also available through the containerized mechanism.