Requesting Access to Roles and Resources with Identity Manager

April 2017

NetIQ Identity Manager includes the Dashboard to help you perform the following actions:

  • Request access to resources and roles for yourself

  • Request access to resources and roles for others, if you have that permission

  • Review your currently assigned roles and the status of your requests

  • Modify your identity settings, such as your password

  • Approve or deny access requests, if you have a manager-type role

When you log in, you usually arrive at the Applications page, which lists commonly performed actions.

NOTE:Your organization might customize the titles and types of items in the Dashboard.

1.0 Understanding the Request and Approval Process

A permission represents the access provided to a user or group of users for a role or resource. A role defines a set of permissions related to one or more target systems or applications. For example, a user administrator role might be authorized to reset a user's password, while a system administrator role might have the ability to assign a user to a specific server. A resource is any entity - such as a user account, computer, or database - that a business user needs permission to access.

In the Dashboard, you request permissions for online or physical resources, such as a software application or a security access card. Or you might need permission to perform a task, such as accessing information on a server. The Dashboard also allows some users to request access on behalf of others. For example, a manager might be able to request access on behalf of a new hire.

After you request access, a manager or the owner of the role or resource usually approves or denies the request. Alternatively, your organization might have an automated system that processes your request without individual approvals. You can always view the status of your requests.

2.0 Viewing Your Personal Dashboard

For an overview of your current tasks, requests, and permissions, select Dashboard.

From here, you can track the status of a request or view the details of your assigned roles and resources. You can also complete pending tasks.

3.0 Requesting Access to Roles and Resources

The Requests page might list commonly requested roles or resources, depending on how the application administrator designed the web page.

  1. Select Access > Requests.

  2. Either choose one of the items on the Requests page or select New Request.

  3. (Conditional) To request permissions on behalf of another person, select Others.

    In general, only specific users have this ability.

  4. Specify the roles and resources that you want.

  5. Complete the form as needed.

    For example, you must specify a reason for your request. Also, some roles or resources might require you to provide additional information.

4.0 Additional Resources

For more information, see the following resources:

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