Invoke REST Endpoint

Initiates a REST request to the endpoint specified by URL using the authentication method specified by auth-method. The type of the request (POST, PUT, GET, DELETE) should be specified by the type identifier. If the authentication method is oauth2, then the authentication URL is specified by auth-url. The request is made using credentials specified by ID and <arg-password>. Additional optional arguments to the REST request may be specified by named <arg-string>'s.There will be or local variable available to the enclosing policy depending on the success or failure of this request and responses get saved in the respective variable. The local variable will be available only if the endpoint is invoked successfully. The will be available only if any type of error occurs while invoking the endpoint and it contains the error string. There are no retry options available.



Specify whether the action is enabled or disabled, where true indicates enabled and false indicates disabled. The default value is false.

No Trace

Specify whether this action should be traced during the execution of the policy. The default value is false, which disables the trace.

Authentication Method

Specify the authentication method you want to use. The supported values are basic or oauth2. Supports variable expansion.

Authentication URL

Specify the authentication URL. You must specify the URL only when the authentication method is oauth2. Supports variable expansion.

Timeout Value

Specify the number of milliseconds you want Identity Manager to try to establish a connection to the User Application server before timing out. The default value is 0.


The Invoke REST Endpoint action supports the following string arguments:

String Name



Specifies the payload for the REST request.


Specifies the trust store name.

Truststore Password

Specifies the trust store password

Authentication Query Name

Specifies the authentication query name.

Authentication Query Value

Specifies the authentication query value.

Authentication Header Name

Specifies the authentication header name.

Authentication Header Value

Specifies the authentication header value.

Operation Header Name

Specifies the operation header name.

Operation Header Value

Specifies the operation header value.