4.1 Viewing Your Permissions

Permissions represent the accounts, roles, or resources that are available to you. Permissions may be assigned automatically to you by your organization or you can request for specific permissions. You can also inherit some permissions indirectly through role relationships or if you are a member of a group or a container. To view the roles and resources to which you have access to, navigate to Access > Permissions on the Dashboard.

NOTE:By default, the Permissions page lists the permissions that are assigned or approved to you directly. However, it may vary depending on how the administrator has configured the settings for the page. For more information, see User Settings in the NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to the Identity Applications.

To see the child permissions mapped with the assigned or approved permissions, click .

To search for a specific permission from the list, type the name or description of the permission in the Search box. You can also filter the list.

To search for a specific permission from the list, type the name, description, or CN of the permission in the Search box. You can also filter the list.

Viewing the Permission Details

Select the permission for which you want to view more details. The following table lists the fields displayed for individual permission:

Table 4-1 Permission fields and its description




The description of the role or resource.

Effective Date

The date and time of permission assignment.

Expiration Date

The date after which the permission will no longer be assigned to the user. It is only displayed for the permission that have the expiration option enabled.


Specifies the reason for assigning the permission to the user.

Assigned Permission via

Specifies who assigned the permission to the user.

If a role is assigned to the user directly through an approval process, you can see the list of approver(s) who approved the assignment request under the View Role Approval Information option.

If a role is inherited by the user through membership to a group or a container, the following details are displayed under the View Role to Group Assignment Information option:

  • Requested by: Specifies who requested the permission.

  • Request Description: The description provided while requesting the permission.

  • Approver details: Click the link to see the list of approver(s) who approved the role assignment request.

If you are an identity applications Administrator, you can see the permissions of other team members in the Others tab. Go to the Others tab and search by user name or permission details.

  • Searching by User will list all the assigned permissions of that user. You can then select a specific permission to review the details such as the date assigned, who assigned the permission, and if any reason has been provided for the permission assignment. For more information, see the Table 4-1.

  • Searching by Permission will list all users, individual as well those present in a group or container, who are assigned to that permission.

NOTE:Searching by permission details is not supported for a team manager or supervisor user. However, they can see the permissions of their team members by searching for their team name or description. In addition, a search by user name is also provided on the page to allow searching and viewing permissions of a specific team member.

For more information, click on the Dashboard.