IV Managing Users, Groups, and Teams

If you have the appropriate role in the identity applications, you can create and manage users, groups, and teams. You can create users and teams in dashboard and User Application. You create and manage groups in the User Application.

System administrators can create users and groups. The system administrator can give others (typically, selected people in administration or management positions) access to this functionality.

You might encounter some differences from functions documented in this section because of your job role, your level of authority, and customizations made for your organization. Consult your system administrator for details.

To check which users or groups already exist, use the Directory Search page. See Section B.0, Using the Directory Search in the User Application.

A team represents a set of users, groups, or users and groups that can perform provisioning requests and approval tasks associated with the team. Although a team might match a group that exists in the user directory, teams are not the same thing as groups. That is, a group or a member of a group cannot perform team capabilities except when assigned to a team. See Section 14.0, Managing Teams.