10.14 Hiding the Navigation Items from User Interface

Identity Applications allows you hide navigation items from the Dashboard. For example, if you want to hide the Application tab from the Dashboard user interface, then perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the /opt/netiq/idm/apps/tomcat/conf/clients/ directory.

  2. Edit the 1.json file and ensure that the isDisabled value is set to False.

    If the following section is not there, add it:

          "key": "main",
          "value": [],
          "type": "navItem",
          "isDisabled": false,
          "sectionKey": "Configuration",
          "areaDefault": false,
          "disableAreaDefault": false,
          "displayLable": "Application",
          "sectionLable": "Configuration",
          "page": null,
          "expanded": false,
          "level": 1
  3. Save the 1.json file.

  4. Assign the required permissions for the 1.json file.

    chown novlua:novlua /opt/netiq/idm/apps/tomcat/conf/clients/1.json

  5. Restart Tomcat.

    systemctl restart netiq-tomcat.service

  6. Log in to Identity Manager Dashboard.

  7. Navigate to Settings > Access.

  8. Add the required trustees.