1.1 Identity Manager Dashboard

Identity Manager Dashboard serves as the primary entry portal to the identity applications. Dashboard can have one or many widgets that helps you with the quick information on particular activity. From your Dashboard, you can perform the following activities:

  • Manage your profile settings and password.

  • View your organization chart details.

  • Review and complete your tasks, such as approving user requests for access.

  • Request permissions for roles, resources, or processes.

  • Review the status and history of the requests for permissions.

  • Find other users in your organization.

  • Personalize your dashboard, you can add widgets and reposition them based on your interests.

  • Set any user as your proxy from the system.

  • Delegate your tasks to other users from the system.

You can perform the following tasks with the appropriate Permissions:

  • Create and modify user profiles.

  • View the organization chart details of other users.

  • Create and modify teams that represent set of users and groups that can perform provisioning requests and approval tasks associated with the teams.

  • Request permissions or revoke permissions on behalf of other users in the organization.