9.4 View Request Status Search Limit

By default, the View Request Status action retrieves up to 10,000 request objects. If a user attempts to retrieve a larger result set, the user will see a message indicating that the limit has been reached. In this case, the user should narrow the search (by specifying a particular user or status, for example) to limit the number of objects returned in the result set. Note that when a user applies a filter to a role name, the filter limits what the user sees and its order, not the number of objects returned.

To change the maximum number of request objects retrieved:

  1. Log in to iManager.

  2. Navigate to the User Application driver.

  3. Under EntityDefs.DirectoryModel.AppConfig, locate the sys-nrf-request object.

  4. Modify the XmlData attribute for the object to the following value:

  5. Save your changes.