15.5 Enabling Drivers for Resource Mappings

The identity applications includes updated configuration files for the following drivers:

  • Active Directory

  • GroupWise

  • LDAP

  • Notes

  • eDirectory

  • SAP User Management

  • SAP GRC Access Control

All of these updated driver configuration files contain a new section on the driver's Global Configuration Values (GCV) page labeled Role and Resource Mapping.

To display the configuration options available in the new section, select show for the Show role and resource mapping configuration GCV.

To enable resource mapping for the driver, select Yes for the Enable resource mapping GCV.

Depending on the driver's capabilities, one or more lower-level options are displayed once resource mapping is turned on. The Active Directory driver, for example, has three lower-level options:

  • Allow mapping of user accounts

  • Allow mapping of groups

  • Allow mapping of Exchange mailboxes

Each option can be turned on or off individually by selecting Yes or No.

After saving the changes and restarting the driver, RBPM will detect the driver as enabled for resource mapping.

NOTE:Before Identity Applications detect the driver, it must query the entitlement system. Identity Applications sends the query to the entitlement system every 1440 minutes by default, but you can force the application to send the query immediately using the identity applications.

To force the query to run immediately, click Refresh in Entitlement Query Settings. See, Configuring Entitlement Query Settings.