19.0 Using Controlled Permission Reconciliation Services

Controlled Permission Reconciliation Services (CPRS) helps you to keep the Identity Manager Resource Catalog synchronized with the permissions across connected applications. You can use CPRS for the following activities:

  • Initial Permission Onboarding: Allows you to select each entitlement or driver and migrate the permissions of the managed users from the connected application to Resource Catalog.

  • Controlled Reconciliation: Select a driver or entitlement and monitor changes to the user permissions in Resource Catalog. You can publish the permission changes to Resource Catalog for specific or all users.

Ensure you have Resource Administrator or User Administrator access to use CPRS.

The following video describes the concepts of CPRS:

IMPORTANT:CPRS currently supports Active Directory, Multi-Domain Active Directory (MDAD), LDAP, Loopback, Delimited, REST, and Workday drivers.

This section provides valuable information for planning a CPRS implementation in your Identity Manager environment.