19.1 How CPRS Helps

Permission Collection and Reconciliation Service (PCRS) helps you create custom entitlements for connected system roles and resources and allows you to synchronize these permission assignment changes to identity applications Resource Catalog.

When PCRS is configured for an Identity Manager driver, user permissions from that connected application are seamlessly reconciled into Resource Catalog based on PCRS settings configured for the connected application. PCRS does not allow Identity Manager administrators control reconciliation requests. In addition, configuration and troubleshooting of PCRS solution can become difficult due to involvement of many floating components such as policies, job, mapping tables, and some engine APIs. The primary issues are performance, complexity of implementation and stability/reliability of the deployments.Therefore, resulting in degraded performance of the system. CPRS provides an improved solution with the following benefits over PCRS:

  • Secures the permission reconciliation model in which reconciliations are controlled by an administrator.

  • Requires minimal configuration to get CPRS working after Identity Manager is installed.

  • Enhances overall system performance.

  • Simpler troubleshooting as all the involved components are integrated with the Identity Applications user interface.