10.9 Ensuring that Dates Display Correctly in Norwegian

For language codes no and nb, you need to perform a workaround to ensure that dates display correctly in Norwegian. The Date.js file contains no but not nb, however, the dmask value (dd/MM/yyyy) is not correct. For both no and nb, the format should be dd.MM.yyyy.

To ensure that dates display correctly in Norwegian:

  1. Copy the file com/netiq/common/i18n/I18nDateTimeRsrc_en.properties, modifying the locale portion of the file name to match the desired locale (for example, I18nDateTimeRsrc_nb.properties).

  2. Modify the format(s) in the file to match the desired format. There are four format types: short, medium, long and full. These formats correspond to the java.text.DateFormat.SHORT, .MEDIUM, .LONG and .FULL constants.

  3. Add the file to the IDMProv.war under WEB-INF/classes/com/netiq/common/i18n using the jar utility (file must be placed in a directory corresponding to the above path).

    jar uvf IDMProv.war