10.6 Configuring Email Notification Templates for the Dashboard

By default, email notification templates in Identity Manager direct recipients to the identity applications. To direct recipients to the Dashboard, you must modify the default email notification templates in Designer.


  • Not all notification templates include links to the identity applications.

  • Modifying an existing notification template marks that template as customized in Designer.

To direct recipients to the Dashboard:

  1. Start Designer.

  2. Make sure you have imported email notification templates into your Designer project.

  3. In the Outline view, right-click the notification template you want to modify and select Copy.

    NOTE:We recommend you create and modify a copy of the original notification template you want to configure, rather than modifying the original. You can then specify the “Identity Manager Dashboard” version of the template in any workflows where you want users to use the Dashboard, and not modify the workflows where you want users to use the identity applications.

  4. Specify a name for the copied template and click OK.

  5. Right-click the copied template and select Edit, then click Yes to confirm.

  6. (Optional) To remove all links to the identity applications, change all instances of the following text:



  7. (Optional) To retain the existing identity applications links, add text similar to the following line to the notification template message:

    You can review your tasks list using the Dashboard at
  8. When finished, save and close the notification template.

  9. Repeat Step 3 through Step 8 for each notification template you want to modify, including any localized templates.

  10. Deploy the new templates to the Identity Vault.

  11. Modify any workflows where the approver should use the Dashboard so the workflow uses the new notification templates.