4.3 Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine is a set of Java executables responsible for managing and executing steps in an administrator-defined workflow and keeping track of state information (which is persisted in a database). When the necessary approvals have been given, the Provisioning System provisions the resource as requested.

During the course of workflow execution, the Workflow Engine can send one or more email messages to notify users of changes in the state of the workflow. In addition, it can send email messages to notify users when updates have been made to proxy, delegate, and availability settings.

You can edit an email template in Designer for Identity Manager or in iManager and then use this template for email notifications. At runtime, the Workflow Engine retrieves the template from the directory and replaces tags with dynamic text suitable for the notification. Additional details about the Workflow Engine, including how to configure and manage provisioning workflows, are in Section IV, Configuring and Managing Provisioning Workflows.

NOTE:Identity Manager 4.8 ships Workflow Engine as a separate service. The Workflow Engine persists the workflow state information in a new database named igaworkflowdb. Identity Applications obtain Provisioning Request history and approval task information from igaworkflowdb. All features supported by the existing Workflow Engine such as EMail Based Approval and EMail Notification continue to work in a similar way with the new Workflow Engine service. By default, the Workflow Engine service is installed as part of the Identity Applications installation. For detailed information, see Workflow Service.