2.4 Business Users

A business user is an authenticated user, such as an employee, a manager, a Helpdesk user or a delegate or proxy for an employee or manager. Identity applications administrator has permissions to enable capabilities for a user to perform on identity applications. For more information about user capabilities and functions, see Accessing the Identity Applications in NetIQ Identity Manager - User’s Guide to the Identity Applications.

Following are the users who has a special capabilities apart from their general capabilities:

Delegate user

A user to whom one or more specific tasks are delegated appropriate to the user’s rights. For example, a team manager can delegate certain tasks to a team member who has required permissions to do the delegated tasks. A Delegate user can view delegation assignments and act on those assignments.

Proxy user

A user who acts in the role of another user for a specific period assuming assignee’s identity. All of the rights of the original user apply to the proxy. The tasks owned by assignee does not carry to the proxy user. For example, a team manager assigns someone from the team as a proxy, the proxy user can assume the team manager’s role and act on the team manager’s tasks. A proxy user can view proxy assignments and act on those assignments.

Helpdesk user

A user is a part of helpdesk for a particular client. This user can assist the client users on their helpdesk tickets and resolve those tickets. A Helpdesk user can perform the following tasks with appropriate Permissions:

  • Reassign an approval request that is unattended for a long time

  • Browse all tasks or filter tasks for a selected user

  • Request permissions on behalf of other users