A.0 Configuring the Identity Manager Approvals App

The NetIQ Identity Manager Approvals app allows managers and resource owners to approve or deny requests remotely, using an iPhone or iPad with the iOS operating system or any device with Android operating system installed. Your users can see and work with the same approval tasks in the app that they would normally see in the identity applications interface. All changes are synchronized between the Approvals app and the identity applications.

This appendix provides information about configuring your environment to allow users to use the new interfaces. These sections are intended to provide necessary information to administrators who want to enable and configure the Approvals app in their environment.

Most users should not need to refer to this document, but should instead be able to install, configure, and use the app without additional instructions. For information about installing or using the Approvals app, see Using the Identity Manager Approvals App in the NetIQ Identity Manager - User’s Guide to the Identity Applications.