10.8 Ensuring that Characters Display Properly in Role Report PDF Files

By default, the role report feature of the identity applications uses UniGB-UCS2-H for the PDF encoding and STSong-Light for the PDF font for Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Russian and Japanese locales. For the other locales, Cp1252 is used for PDF encoding and Helvetica or Helvetica-Bold is used for the PDF font.

If the user's browser locale or preferred locale is set to one of the above four locales, the report will be able to display most of characters from these locales. However, some extended characters found in ISO-8859 may not be displayed properly in the report.

Conversely, if the browser locale or preferred locale is not set to one of these four locales then some Asian characters will not display properly.

To allow all characters to display properly in generated PDF files, you need to:

  • Edit the Configuration XML Data in iManager

  • Configure the identity applications

NOTE:You may also notice problems displaying some characters in role reports for languages that are not in the standard set of supported languages. If you add a new language (such as Polish), you may also need to perform the steps provided in this section to ensure that all characters display properly for that language as well.

10.8.1 Editing the Configuration XML Data in iManager

  1. Login to iManager as your Administrator.

  2. Click the View Objects icon.

  3. In the , navigate to the following location:

    Context > Driver Set > Driver > AppConfig > AppDefs

    For example:

    netiq > TestDrivers > UserAppDriver > AppConfig > AppDefs
  4. Click configuration.

  5. In the Valued Attributes list, select XmlData and click Edit.

  6. In the Edit Attribute window, search for PREF_FONT and replace the corresponding <value></value> with <value>Arialuni.ttf</value>.

  7. Search for PREF_ENCODING and replace the corresponding <value></value> with <value>Identity-H</value>.

  8. Click OK, the click OK again.

  9. Restart the User Application driver.