18.1 Role Assignments

When a user requests a role that results in a potential SoD conflict, the initiator has the option to override the SoD constraint and provide a justification for making an exception. In some cases, a SoD conflict can cause a workflow to start. The workflow coordinates the approvals needed to allow the SoD exception to take effect.

Your workflow designer and system administrator are responsible for setting up the contents of the Roles and Resources in the Administration tab for you and the others in your organization. The flow of control for a roles-based workflow or SoD workflow, as well as the appearance of forms, can vary depending on how the workflow designer defined the workflow's approval definition in the Designer for Identity Manager. In addition, your job requirements and level of authority determine what you can see and do.

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NOTE:The ability to define custom roles is available only with Identity Manager 4.5 and later.