22.0 Configuring and Managing Objects for Entities

Any Identity Vault object that you want to search, display, or edit in the Identity Applications must be defined in the directory abstraction layer. For more information, see About Entities and Attributes in the NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to Designing the Identity Applications.

Identity Applications allow you to create and modify objects for a specific entity. The configuration of the entities displayed in the Entities tab is specific to the Client selected.The Edit page displays the list of objects for the selected entity.

After an entity is created, it is listed under Access Settings in the Settings page. It provides control on which users, roles, groups, and containers can view and list the entities. You must have the appropriate permission to create, view, or manage objects. By default, the trustee is the Provisioning Administrator. Ensure that the users specified in Trustees are having sufficient Identity Vault rights to perform tasks within the Identity Applications. However, trustees can access the page but operations on the page will fail if they do not have the proper Identity Vault rights.

You can perform the following operations on the Entities page:

  • Listing the objects

  • Creating an object

  • Editing the object

  • Deleting an object

  • Exporting to CSV