12.3 Defining a Unique Data Set

A unique data set comprises of users, group, or sub-containers that do not overlap. You can define a data set by using the default mapping table provided with the driver. The mapping table has two columns. The first column lists the criteria which defines the unique data set and the second column has the key for that unique data set.

To use a different criterion, you must define a unique data set in a mapping table. For example, you can specify the container DN as a criterion for identifying a data set. You can either create a policy or select an existing policy and add the mapping table to it.

By default, the driver supports creation of unique data sets based on Organizational Units (OU's). To use a different criterion, you must define the data set in the mapping table and modify the policy rules that are linked with the mapping table. For example, if you want to specify Location as a criterion for creating a data set, the mapping table must contain location details. You also need to modify the policy rules linked with the mapping table.