16.0 Adding Workflow to Roles and Resources

Identity Applications introduces a new simplified method for adding a workflow to role and resource. The Identity Applications user interface includes a new option, namely Add Workflow, in the Roles and Resources pages for role and resource request process. This new method is an alternative to the existing method of creating workflows in Designer. It is targeted to ease the user experience of creating workflows. For greater flexibility and ease of use, NetIQ recommends that you use this method whenever possible.


  • Allows you to quickly create a workflow in Identity Applications without switching to Designer.

  • Provides an illustrative, easy-to-understand interface for creating workflows.

  • Includes a progress bar to help you track the status and progress of the workflow creation process.

This method leverages the same workflow concepts that are used for creating workflows in Designer. For more information, see NetIQ Identity Manager - Administrator’s Guide to Designing the Identity Applications. For the Add Workflow REST API operations, see Section 42.0, REST Services.