12.5 Configuring the Driver

  1. Open your project in Designer.

  2. In the Outline pane, expand Identity Vault.

  3. Right-click the driver set containing your driver and select Driver > Driver Configuration.

  4. For Enable multi-threaded Role and Resource driver option, select true.

    The following options are displayed:

    • Allow driver to start if reading unprocessed events fails: Specify whether the driver should start or stop when it encounters an exception while reading unprocessed requests. By default, the value is set to false, which disallows the driver to read the unprocessed requests.

    • Maximum number of command's in the driver storage: Specify the number of commands that the driver storage will store. The default value is 500. NetIQ recommends to use a value less than the default value to avoid any memory issues.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Continue with Deploying the Driver.