1.4 Identity Manager Client Settings

Identity Manager allows you to manage one or more clients and helps you to define their attributes. If you have an access to the Your ID > Settings page, you can perform the following activities for your clients:

  • You can add and manage clients and define the client name and their LDAP properties.

  • Set user and configuration accesses.

  • Customize the general and user view for your clients and provision your client users with other attributes. You can also enable edit option for more attributes to your client users.

  • Define the brand color for your clients which will be displayed for respective client users.

  • Set Helpdesk to help your client users troubleshoot any issues while performing their tasks in Identity Manager. For more information, see Understanding a Client Helpdesk

  • Provision your client users with Dashboard Widgets and allow them to personalize their dashboard with provisioned widgets.

For more information about the modes of saving these changes, see Configuring Client Settings Mode.

For more information about changing the client settings, see Changing Identity Applications Client Settings.