4.5 Application Server

The application server provides the runtime framework in which the identity applications, directory abstraction layer, and Workflow Engine execute. The identity applications are packaged as a Java Web Application Archives, or WAR files.The installation process enables you deploy the WAR files to the application server.

The following WAR files apply to the URL for a component of the identity applications:

  • IDMProv for the User Application

  • idmdash for the Dashboard

  • idmadmin for Identity Applications Administration

When a user interacts with the idmdash or idmadmin applications, it queries the underlying IDMProv.war file and fetches the information for the user. IDMProv.war contains the REST and SOAP APIs where idmdash and idmadmin contains the information that provides the user interface.

The identity applications run on an Apache Tomcat application server, included in the installation kit. You can also use your own installation of Tomcat. For more information about the application server requirements, see Considerations for Installing Identity Manager Componentsin the NetIQ Identity Manager Setup Guide for Linux or Understanding the Installation and Configuration Process for Identity Manager Server, Identity Applications, and Identity Reporting Components in the NetIQ Identity Manager Setup Guide for Windows.