E.10 Creating a Provisioning Request Definition to Use a Form Created in the Form Builder

  1. In Designer, go to the Provisioning view, right-click the Provisioning Request Definitions node and choose New.

  2. Fill in Identifier (CN), Display Name, and Description.

  3. Click Next.

    The next page of the wizard is displayed.

  4. Select Create a provisioning request definition using one of the templates, select the desired template from the Available Templates list, and then click Next.

    NOTE:If the JSON based templates option is selected, then the next step is not required.

  5. Ensure that JSON Forms Selection is selected in the Overview tab.

  6. Create a new form for the PRD.

    1. Open the Provisioning view, right-click Workflow Forms under the User Application driver and select New.

      The New Workflow Forms dialog is displayed.

    2. Provide the Form Identifier and click Finish. The Form Builder is launched.

    3. Create and save the form. For more information, see NetIQ Identity Manager - User’s Guide to Form Builder.

      The form is saved in same location in the Workflow Forms container under the type of the form that you chose to create. For example, an approval form is saved under Approval Forms container.

  7. Go to the Provisioning Request Definition editor and click JSON Forms.

  8. For the Workflow activity that will use the new form, select the form that you created from the Form ID column.

  9. In the Workflow tab, right click the Start activity icon or the activity icon to which you wish to associate the form. In the Data Item Mapping view, complete the data item mapping for the form fields. The values in the Target Form Field are prepopulated from the new form.

  10. Deploy the provisioning request definition and the form to the Identity Vault from Designer. The form is saved in the Workflow Forms container in the User Application driver.

Any new requests from the workflows created using this procedure use the new form.

Repeat the procedure for adding new forms to a Provisioning Request Definition.